A travel guide to the Maldives – An archipelago made of dreams

You’ve probably seen the picture-perfect images of the Maldives, with the strikingly blue waters and gorgeous sunsets. Here’s some information you ought to know to make your dream vacation a reality, with no hurdle to face!

When to go

The Maldives is blessed with year-round temperatures of 26 – 30 degrees Celsius. It never suffers from extreme weather conditions like tornadoes, although it does have a monsoon season which usually lasts from November well into December. The high season is from November to April, with the low season being April to May.

Image Credit: Reethi Faru Resort

Follow the rules

Make sure you are decently dressed when you visit the local islands. When you’re holidaying on resort islands, local customs do not apply.

Water sports

There are numerous different water activities that you can engage in when in the Maldives, such as jet-skiing, parasailing, sea-kayaking and so much more. It’s best if you choose a resort with in house water sports facilities such as Reethi Faru Resort. If not, you’ll have to go that extra step and compare prices before picking a water sport.

Image Credit: Reethi Faru Resort

Choose flights wisely

Since you’ll most likely be spending on a jacuzzi beach villa in Maldives, try and save some money when you’re booking your airfare. Make sure you go through all your flight options before you settle with the one that you think is the best.

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