Best Parks in Miami – Places to enjoy some much needed relaxation on your visit

Miami is famous not only for a frivolous party scene, stunning beaches and culinary adventures but also for a great selection of beautiful parks.

Martell Park

Martell Park, located in Biscayne Bay, is a great place to escape the busy city. The green space features a great selection of eateries around it. This is popular among locals who love to take their pets out for a walk. This dog friendly park features benches under trees and plenty of paths to walk around. The park is one of the smaller parks in Miami but definitely a good place to enjoy a bit of relaxation.

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Legion Park

Legion Park is located at Biscayne Boulevard but it is not very easily noticeable. In fact, many people walk by without noticing it despite its massive size. Legion Park stretches from Biscayne Bay to Biscayne Boulevard and provides yet another escape from the busy city life of Miami. The park features ample greenery, a couple of tennis courts and even some well-maintained basketball courts. Most people visit the park to catch a basketball game with friends, enjoy a bit of tennis, to fly kites like a pro or even to sit back and relax under the shade of a tree. If you are not feeling like enjoying some sports, you can definitely watch the action while you enjoy the beautiful nature and a gentle breeze.

Bayfront Park

Also located in Biscayne Boulevard, Bayfront Park spans across 32 acres. Construction of the park started in 1924 and was opened to the public in March, 1925. In the early 1980’s the park underwent some major renovation and was reinvented by Isamu Nocuchi, Japanese American landscape architect. Bayfront Park is the venue of Caesar LaMonaca’s performances from 1928 – 1978. If you visit on Independence Day, you will even be able to attend America’s Birthday Bash held at the park. In 2011, the event attracted more than 60,000 visitors. The park also hosts the official New Year’s Eve party of the city of Miami which attracts over 70,000 visitors. Bayfront Park also hosts the Ultra Music Festival that goes on for 5 days and sees and attendance of over 165,000 people. If you are attending these events or are visiting the park during peak hours, is recommended that visitors take public transport as the Bayfront Park parking can be quite difficult to handle (as well as expensive).

Pine Tree Park

Pine Tree Park presents a beautiful bit of lush greenery to those who are tired of Miami’s sparkling cityscape. The park spans across 7.75 acres and features two vegetation zones. The first zone is a mangrove preserve that is located along the Indian Creek Waterway and the other is an inland native hammock in which mahogany trees and gumbo limbo are found. The park features plenty of paved pathways to take a leisurely stroll on a warm afternoon. If you are tired, stressed and in need of a break and some greenery to soothe your sore eyes, head down to the Pine Tree Park on Miami Beach to enjoy a bit of peace, quiet and relaxation.

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