Buddhism in Maldives – A Unforgotten, yet Dormant Faith

Maldives, an archipelagic state located in South Asia, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Known for marvellous natural beauty and stunning coastal features, Maldives is an excellent location for a tropical retreat. Its unique culture, leisure, historic attractions and many a Maldives luxury hotel such as Naladhu Maldives are some of other features that make the Maldives an exciting destination.
One of the regions in the world where Buddhism is most prevalent is South Asia. One of the main reasons for this is the Buddhism originated from India and rapidly spread to the neighboring lands during the ancient times. The Maldives, being one of the nations in the South Asian bloc, was also significantly influenced by Buddhism in the ancient times. Today, Buddhism is mostly dormant in the Maldives owing to the nation’s strong Islamic faith at present, but the influence of Buddhism in the Maldives’ archeology is undeniable.
Although it is not yet known for certain when Buddhism entered the islands of Maldives, it is clear that from around the 6th Century to the 12th Century, there existed a strong Buddhist culture in the Maldives. Maldivian Kings were known to have prompted Buddhism through art and literature throughout the islands, and this was evident by the fact that many of great artistic works and literary works of that time in the Maldives had significant Buddhist influences or contained strong Buddhist motifs. Although any visitor of the Maldives will hardly notice this Buddhist heritage of the Maldives, if you travel to the National Museum of Maldives you will get a chance to witness a collection of ancient statues and artifacts dating back to the period from the 6th Century to the 12th Century. Thus, while Buddhism is dormant in the Maldives, it is not completely forgotten.

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