Culture and Customs of Maldives – Conformity and uniformity are the way of life.


It is one of the world’s top holiday destinations and for good reason. The natural beauty that is made up of unspoilt beaches, warm sea breezes, azure waters are only elevated by the tastefully designed five star hotels. Maldives is a destination you have to see, to believe. Step onto the powdery soft sand and let paradise wash over you. Book a stay on an island with a Maldivian name that translates to ‘beautiful island’, Naladhu Maldives, and prepare to treat your senses.

The first records of Maldivian people are settlers from neighbouring Sri Lanka and South India who arrived around 500BC. The main religion was initially Buddhism but with sailors from East Africa and Arab countries that came in the twelfth century, Islam became the national religion. The people of the Maldives today, are descendants of the original settlers. There is consistency in religion and language across the country that has helped to maintain peace and stability. All Maldivians belong to the Sunni sect, it is the only religion that the people allowed to practice. The local cuisine also blends influences that carry ties to ancestry. Plenty of fish is consumed as it is readily available; meats other than pork make an appearance for special occasions. Rice is the main starch and curries are flavoured with chilli, coconut and spices. Alcohol is only served in tourist establishments.

Male, the country’s capital is where you will find national landmarks like The National Museum, Sultan Park, The Islamic Centre, Grand Friday mosque and Hukuru Miski, the oldest mosque in the country. The Maldives is one of the poorest countries in the world and it faces issues stemming from rapid population growth and an inadequately skilled workforce. The main industries are tourism and fishing. The economy, as well as the local lifestyle, is centered very much on the ocean.

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