Diving and Snorkelling with Whale Sharks in Maldives – Visit the Baa Atoll for a Splendid Diving Experience

The idyllic islands offer so much more than a relaxing and tranquil vacation by the calm blue waters of the Indian Ocean, with their many unique resorts, Maldives. The island is also home to one of the richest and diverse marine life systems in the world. For instance, in recognition of its diversity and its importance to the marine world, the UNESCO declared one of the twenty six atolls, namely, the Baa Atoll, a Biosphere Reserve which is visited by holidaymakers residing in resorts for the simple reason of observing the numerous Whale Sharks that frequent the Bay. Resorts which provide exclusive and easy access to see these giants of the great blue, such as, PER AQUUM Niyama Maldives, have become popular resting places for visitors.

Filter feeding sharks, these Whale Sharks can grow up to a stunning twelve metres in length and are thus, a truly magnificent sight to witness underwater. However, the Whale Sharks that are seen in the Maldives are smaller in comparison and are only around four to eight metres long. Nevertheless, they still constitute a rather impressive sight for snorkelers. Those who wish to observe such whale sharks in their natural habitat should aim to visit the Maldives during the months of May, November and December, and the best time of the day to see them are believed to be a few hours before high tide. If you are visiting the islands during other times of the year, there is no reason to feel disheartened, for Whale Sharks can be spotted all year around as well.

When diving with Whale Sharks, there are several ground rules that should be observed for these gentle creatures should be treated with respect. Ensure that you do not take photographs with the flash, do not touch the sharks and endeavour to swim around three to four metres away from them. While these Sharks are known to eat plankton and fish, they are also a species that is the subject of many conservation efforts.

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