Ecosystem in Corel Reefs – An essential resource in the Maldives.

Life on the Maldivian islands revolves around the Indian Ocean in which it is situated. Close to thirty per cent of the local population works in the fishing industry which is the country’s second largest industry. The thriving tourism industry is the primary industry in the Maldives. Family hotels, romantic retreats and honeymoon getaways are all available in this cluster of one thousand one hundred and ninety islands. It is also the country with the lowest elevation; just over one and a half meters above sea level. Visitors from all across the world are drawn to the islands for their unique natural beauty.

The two main industries in the country depend heavily on maintaining a healthy and sustainable marine environment. There is a clear value for the marine heritage, which is evident around the country. But the coral reefs are at risk due to over-fishing, pollution and sedimentation. Over ninety percent of shallow coral reefs were destroyed, when sea temperatures rose by four degrees Celsius in 1998, as a result of El Niño. If you would like to contribute to the regeneration of corals, you can sponsor a frame of coral through the Coral Adoption Programme run by Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas, to conserve the Baa Atoll’s fragile marine ecosystem.

These coral reefs are the life sustaining resource for fish of all shapes and sizes. They also play a key role is maintaining the health and vitality of the ocean itself. They even provide a service to the land by creating a barrier that prevents sea erosion and mitigates the force of waves before they reach the shore. The reefs are the reason some of the Maldivian Islands exist at all. You can swim, snorkel, dive or kayak out to sea to admire these giant living organisms.

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