Exciting Water Sports in Maldives – Thrills Above and Below the Waves

In search of an action-packed holiday? Here are a few of the thrilling water sports in Maldives that are bound to make get your pulses racing!

Snorkelling & Diving
These two activities prove that you don’t need high-speed thrills for water sports to be exciting! You are bound to be left breathless (don’t worry, not literally!) as you get to witness an array of colourful coral and marine life which are key natural attractions in Maldives. Apart from lots of fish, you may also see everything from sharks to manta rays which will be quite unforgettable.

The Maldives offers plenty of surfing fun with diverse hotspots to catch the waves. Vodi Point at Niyama Private Islands Maldives, Hocus Pocus at Maeenboodhoo Corner and Kasabu Point at Kudahuvadhoo Corner are among the surfing points you can head to.

Imagine skimming the waves at high-speed, while harnessing the full power of the wind. Kitesurfing or kiteboarding in Maldives takes you on an unforgettable ride with a controllable power kite that whisks you across the water.

Be it on an individual or tandem kayak, this activity is a fun water sport for those who love exploration. Some resorts offer glass kayaks with transparent bottoms that offer amazing views of the ocean and marine life below.



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