Experience the Joys of Sunset Fishing in the Maldives

Fishing fanatics the world over know that the Maldives is one of the world’s top destinations for angling activities and rightfully so. The sun-kissed archipelago is not only home to countless islands and stunning coral reefs but a rich marine life heritage as well. Fishing tours are a common feature among the best hotels in Maldives as resort activities. Those who are based in well- known resorts such as Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa Maldives can sign up for angling tours online even before setting foot on the paradise isles.
Although fishing tours are part and parcel of most Maldivian getaways sunset fishing is an experience reserved for true blue angling enthusiasts who wish to enjoy a spot of fishing as the sun goes down. Sport fishing experts will also relish this opportunity to set sail on a fishing expedition in the late hours of the day as it provides a challenge that is quite different from your ordinary fishing tour. Most sunset fishing excursions set off after 5pm and conclude at around 7pm. Ideal for group travellers a minimum of six amateur fishermen will join each tour as more anglers definitely makes the encounter a merrier one.
Hopping on board a dhoni fishermen will be transported to a predetermined site that is known to attract mullets and red snappers as well as other marine creatures in the cover of evening light. After that, all there is to do is wait and enjoy a magical sunset over the horizon as fishing fans wait for something to tickle their bait. Participants can not only experience the magical atmosphere of dusk while waiting for their catch but also the bragging rights of having engaged in an unusual outdoor activity while holidaying in the Maldives. Newcomer fishermen should not be discouraged from signing up for a sunset fishing tour as the secret to hooking something at the end of one’s line has little to do with experience but everything to do with luck and patience.

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