Flora & Fauna in Maldives – Investing in nature for a better tomorrow

The Maldives archipelagos are home to a diverse and unique range of flora and fauna. The waters surrounding the islands have gained a global reputation for the colourful coral reefs teeming with over 2,000 species tropical fish that are endemic to the Maldives.

Native land-dwelling mammals are limited, due to the small nature of the hundreds of islands that make up the Maldives. However, there are over 160 species of birds recorded, with most common being oceanic seabirds. Some of them are indigenous birds while others are migratory birds making their annual visit. Whilst the fauna on land is limited, the rich variety of marine life more than makes up for it; several varieties of mantra rays, sting rays and eagle rays, as well as numerous kinds of sea anemones and jellyfish are also indigenous to these waters.

In an effort to save and protect these incredible creatures, many of the leading resorts located around the islands, like the PER AQUUM Hotels & Resorts, take part in various environment and sustainability ventures as part of Corporate Responsibility Projects to highlight the native flora and fauna and raise awareness among both visitors and locals of the value of protecting the wildlife.

Above the clear turquoise waters, the shorelines of various islands are covered by variety of grass, shrubs and trees, the coconut tree is the most abundant whilst the tallest is the magnificent banyan tree. Vast networks of salt water mangroves can be found near some islets and growing alongside lagoons. The mangroves play a vital role to the ecosystem as they filter out silt, nutrients and sand that would otherwise reach the corals and encourage the growth of algae. They are also home to various plants, fish and crustaceans. The Flora and Fauna in Maldives is rich and diverse, and protecting nature’s abundant wealth is what ultimately shapes the unique beauty of the archipelago.

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