Guide to experiencing the Maldives – A Sun Kissed Holiday

A one of a kind experience awaits you each time you visit the Maldives. The blazing sun and gorgeous golden beaches together with the rich culture and people, this holiday destination is one for the bucket list!

Maldives| Img by: Alan_Morris  via Pixabay


Budget Friendly

A common misconception among individuals is that you need deep pockets to visit the Maldives; wrong! You can visit the Maldives even with a mediocre budget, just make sure you plan it out right. With an average budget you may not be able to experience an entirely luxurious stay, but there’s so much more than just the resorts!

An extravagant holiday

If you’re looking to splurge, Maldives is the place to splurge on! Choose a Resort in Maldives such as the likes of Niyama Maldives and indulge in an unforgettable deluxe experience.

For the foodie in you

This region has delicious cuisine; the foodie in you is going to love every moment! While the resorts and hotels in Maldives usually offer an international buffet, take time off to visit local guesthouses and restaurants when in Maldives for a local and authentic food experience.

Travelling in the Maldives

Transport is cheap in the Maldives, as long as you manage to catch the local ferry on time to get to the island you plan on visiting. The locals are very helpful, when in doubt you can just ask! The public ferries do not stop at resort islands; therefore, you may have to arrange that transport separately- usually a speedboat.



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