Have fun with the gang with big game fishing at Maldives – Explore the islands and catch some dinner!

The Maldives is a cluster of one thousand one hundred and ninety islands of which only about two hundred are inhabited. The islands boast unspoiled beaches, coral reefs of technicolour, breezes of fresh sea air and spectacular sunsets. Also famous in the Maldives: water sports, sunset cruises, luxurious spas, and even a lesson or two in preparing local food. This is the epitome of a tropical island getaway. Let the tranquil natural beauty that surrounds you sweep you off your feet as you enjoy the luxury of a private over water pavilion at Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas.

In addition to being Asia’s smallest country, The Maldives is also the lowest, meaning it has an average elevation of just over one and a half metres above sea level. Fishing is the primary industry given the variety and amount of marine life in the waters surrounding the islands. Close to thirty per cent of the local population works in the fishing industry. The coral reefs, ridges and sand bars create a natural environment for marine creatures to gather. The country has imposed strict fishing regulations that are widely enforced to protect the livelihood of its people.

Big Game fishing is popular in the Maldives; the islands have some of the best spots worldwide for this activity. There are dozens of companies offering charters for those who want to make a day trip of chasing big game. If you want to head out to sea in search of a catch you can expect to find marlin, sailfish, as well as tuna, dorado and wahoo. Visit these spots between November and March for your best chance to come home with a prize. Charters organized by beach resorts tend to be cheaper than professional charters or liveaboards, which charge around one hundred and fifty dollars per hour.

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