Islamic Centre in Maldives – The Cultural and Religious Hub

The islets of Maldives trickle downwards from the equator in vivid patterns and are a lovely sight from the sky. The capital, Malé is located towards the centre of the archipelago and has a number of land masses nearby. A handful of the best hotels Maldives are located on these islands which are closest to the capital, but the standards of hospitality and luxury are lofty enough all over Maldives to guarantee that your stay in any part of the widely spread country is a cherished one. While Maldives is famous for its skyscrapers, each island has its own unique structures which are a mix of religious centres such as the Islamic Centre in Maldives, hotels such as the Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi, markets and malls such as the Malé Fish Market.
If you happen to take a cruise or yacht to the Malé Jetty as you come towards the end of the body of water, you will observe a breathtakingly white building close by. The building which is neither particularly tall nor broad has a prolific presence amidst the other structures. The centre’s official name is but is more popular as the Islamic Centre in Maldives. The Grand Friday mosque, which is considered one of the largest mosques in South Asia where Islamic devotees congregate often, is located within these premises.
A set of pearl white stairs leads you to the entrance of the Islamic Centre and the doorway which takes the shape of a mosque’s dome command immediate respect from everyone who visits. During its short history of a little over three decades, it has cemented a berth for itself as a top tourist destination and houses an Islamic Library along with a few offices and conference facilities. The interiors display magnificent works of art that are inspired by Islamic culture, Arabic calligraphy, indigenous architecture and wood carvings.

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