Island Hopping in Maldives – From Land to Land by Boat

Over one thousand islands to choose from with equally scenic views, beautiful beaches and translucent waters sound like some of the challenges when trying to finalize the travel details to Maldives. If there are a number of such places that you have selected and yearn to visit don’t miss out, hop aboard a traditional dhoni or board a Maldives luxury cruise and sail from the south to the north or vice versa. If you are torn between a dhoni ride and a cruise, bear in mind that a dhoni is not meant for long, comfortable voyages but is an everyday mode of transport and you will see locals getting in and out of them as often as you see inhabitants of other countries getting on and off a bus.

You could opt for a bespoke ride in a speed boat or enjoy a well planned itinerary set out by local travel agents who will cover fabulous parts of the sea, take you snorkeling and to visit fish markets. Some will drop in at resorts such as the Naladhu Maldives to grant you a feeler of what life is like at an exotic haven in the land called paradise. At these stopovers indulge in aromatherapy, massages and stay up to watch cultural performances. For a change from the constant sun, you could also keep yourself occupied playing indoor games or visiting industrial areas where you can learn about the Maldivian industries and their ways of life.

The cruises could take you to areas in the sea which are apt for diving as such areas are both safe and full of treasures under water. Fishing cruises, water skiing, scuba diving and windsurfing are other activities one can engage in either between islands or when the liner docks. If you are worried about cruising for a number of days, be assured that there is a well stocked bar, plenty of food, Internet access and all the comforts offered by a hotel.

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