Jet Ski Safari in Maldives – Feel the rush while on your tropical island getaway.

Anyone who has felt the call of the sea, has dreamt about vacationing in the Maldives. Resortsare not in short supply and they cater to the different needs of a variety of travellers. The clear waters that surround the islands are some of the best for diving and snorkelling as well as jet skiing, kayaking, sailing, surfing, canoeing, parasailing and more.

Any fun activity involving water you can think of, they have here in the Maldives.
You can jump aboard a jet ski at Kurumba Maldives and start island hopping, out of the one thousand one hundred and ninety or so islands, close to one thousand remain deserted. Feel the wind in your hair as you zip across the surface of the water and the being in the tropics means, there is no need for a wetsuit.

The latest jet skis have been designed with the environment in mind. They emit less noise, put out lower emissions and allow you a thrill ride while still being able to enjoy the natural beauty that is all around you. The Jet Ski safari will take you weaving through some of the country’s islands and onto some of its most magical spots. Visit the coral reefs, where you can stop to snap on a snorkel and admire the colourful corals and fish that live beneath the ocean’s surface. The excursion is designed as an adventure led by an experienced guide who is there to ensure smooth sailing, is present in an emergency and can point out the best attractions. Prior to getting started, you can expect to be given a safety briefing and short tutorial. You can also choose if you feel comfortable driving you own jet ski or if you prefer to be a passenger with the guide in the driving seat.


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