Jetpack Seabob in the Maldives – Glide Like a Dolphin!

Want to dive under turquoise waters like Ironman? Glide along with the current like a dolphin? Where better to do this other than in the Maldives with a Seabob! Interested in having more fun with a Seabob in the Maldives?

What Is It

A Seabob is an electric sledge that allows the rider to glide on the surface and to dive underwater using it as a propelling force. It is a silent, emissions-free device for sustainable fun!

Where to Use It

The Maldives is home to rich coral life being a hotspot of marine biodiversity, so frankly there are not many better places to enjoy the perks of a Seabob! Enjoy drifting with the waves or take a peek beneath the surface and you might just say hello to a whale shark!

Why the Maldives

There is possibly no better place to exercise a Seabob to its full limits other than the Maldives. The Seabob’s near silent manoeuvring is ideal for not disturbing the marine life. You can enjoy the Seabob knowing you’re not harming the pristine environment around you! When looking for a luxury holiday in Maldives, you’ll not fall short of options like Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas for example.

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