Local Cuisines of Maldives – Array of Taste

Maldives is a set of island located in the South of the Indian Ocean. Known world over for its turquoise blue clear waters and sandy beaches, Maldives also has a cuisine of its own to boast of. The close proximity to all the marine resources and the popularity of the fisheries industry in the country means most of its dishes are primarily seafood based.

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The Maldivian cuisine comprises of various key ingredients and some of the food items and ingredients show the influence on Maldives from its neighboring countries. One of the key ingredients used is coconut, which is also a main ingredient in Sri Lankan and South Indian Cuisine. The coconut is used in grated and squeezed form or as coconut oil for deep frying certain dishes. Grated coconuts are often used in one of the famous dishes Mas Huni.

Being an island nation as mentioned above it’s no surprise that significant part of the cuisine is made up of sea food. One of the favourite fish used in this part of the world is the skipjack tuna, whether in it’s dry form or fresh form. Other fish part of the Maldivian diet include, Yellowfin Tuna, Frigate Tuna , Bigeye Scad. The dry processed Tuna known as Maldive fish is used in many curries and other food items.

The Maldivian cuisine also consists of starchy items , one of their staple meals include rice. Which is consumed in its natural form or ground to make flour out of which various other food items are made.

Curries also are a huge part of the Maldivian Cuisine and one of the primary curries is made of Tuna and is known as Mas Riha.


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