Maldives Beach Villas -What to look for when scenic enchantment is a given

Golden sandy beaches; deep blue waters; warm and welcoming sunshine; waves that compete with the Sun to kiss the golden sands: Maldives is a tourist brochure come to life. This land of 26 atolls comprises mainly of resorts, villas and more resorts, all offering the basic luxury of gorgeous weather, friendly service, and comfortable accommodation. This also means that outside the capital of Male, one would be hard pushed to find any “modern form of entertainment”, as visits to Maldives are meant to remove oneself from urban distractions. As lovely as this is, it also means that unless you have done your research, it is likely that you would be stuck on an island that can be fully explored within 10 minutes; that you would be stuck in a Maldives resort that leaves you to do nothing but stare at the blue skies and bluer waters. Fortunately, Maldives Resorts are wide and varied, thus, there is always something for everyone.

If you are one who cannot sit still, you may want to research the ocean surrounding your accommodation. The waves around some atolls are better than the others for surfing and offer surfing lessons as well. If you are an explorer, look at the reefs surrounding your atoll. The marine life of each reef varies in quality as well as quantity. If you seek to explore the marine life – scuba diving or snorkelling – then the resorts you must look at are different. If you are not a fan of solitude and crave humans – even if it is just to see others of your kind – resorts in larger islands should be your choice. Larger islands are home to the local villages as well. Thus, you might even be able to rent a cycle from your resort and sail through the local villages witnessing local life. For love birds craving isolation and drowning in each other’s beings, the options are higher. You may want a villa that is on a smaller island, away from all the people who are not you. There are beach villas in Maldives catering specifically for couples – some resorts such as Velassaru Maldives even offer private sunset cruises!

When selecting accommodation in Maldives, you would want to select something that suits your personality. The villas over cobalt waters, stretches of empty beaches and crisp clear skies are available at almost every resort and villa. What else do you want to do other than gaze at the scenery? The answer to that question will determine where you should stay.

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