Maldives Fish Market – Catch of the Day

While the Maldives has plenty to lure the traveller (think sun-kissed beaches, brilliant blue waters, a hammock under the shade of palm trees and enchanting over water villas in Maldives where you can sip cocktails and watch the world go slowly by!) there is also a fascinating local culture that offers an insight into a way of life far removed from what you will find in a modern metropolis. So if you do make your way to the capital Male (and it’s well worth a visit) from one of the many island resorts such as Adaaran Prestige Water Villas, make sure you head over to the Maldives Fish Market where a rather exciting visitor experience awaits.

This popular site can be found in the capital’s northern waterfront area and throngs with activity especially when the catch is brought in each day. Fishing is still very much a major means of livelihood for locals and seafood is an integral part of Maldivian cuisine. The most interesting time to visit the Maldives Fish Market or Male Fish Market as it is also known is when the traditional dhonis make their entrance and unload their fresh catch, in hope of getting a good sale for their stock.

The catch brought in greatly varies, though the most common fish is generally tuna. The fish are then transferred to the market where they are arranged in wait for the many locals who visit in order to get the best prices for the fish on sale. It’s not just fish that are sold in this lively locale however. The market also has an area where you can purchase a variety of vegetables and fruits, collected from different atolls, providing visitors some wonderful photo opportunities as well as a chance to buy fresh produce.

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