Maldivian Culture – A Brand of its Own

With sun-kissed beaches, clear turquoise waters, and scenery that is truly inspirational, the Maldives archipelago is without a doubt one of South Asia’s most iconic tourist destinations. This tranquil coastal destination has captured the imagination of tourists from all over the globe, which has resulted in the islands being known for its thriving hospitality industry. The islands boast a blissful ambiance, countless leisure activities as well as reputed getaways such as Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort; a leading choice when it comes to a luxury resort in Maldives.

Although the beaches and tranquillity of the islands are undoubtedly the chief attraction of Maldives, the Maldivian culture is also one of the unique facets about this South Asian archipelago that makes it a special destination. Exploring the local culture is part of any memorable vacation, and the same is true of the Maldives, as the country has a rich culture which prides itself on having unique traditions, customs and practices.

The culture of Maldives is predominantly Islamic, given that the majority of the population of Maldivians are of the Muslim faith. However, if anyone were to study the history of the Maldives, you would find out the islands were inhabited by various settlers and traders who ventured into South Asia in ancient times. Thus, amidst the many Islamic traditions, you might see traditions which are influenced by practices predominant it South Asia, Southeast Asia, and even Africa. This unique fusion of culture truly makes the Maldivian culture a brand of its own. Taking a walk through Male is one of the best ways to absorb the culture of the Maldives. Check out the various cultural landmarks of Maldives such as the Friday Mosque, the Islamic Centre, and the Mulee-aage Palace, try out traditional Maldivian dishes such as the Mas Huni and Banbukeyo Bondibai, and explore the world of Maldivian handicrafts; an industry that is known for its woodwork, clay pots, mats, and dhonis, all built using techniques passed down from generation to generation.

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