Marine Life in Maldives – Treasure Trove of Marine Life

Many countries and cities are booming as tourist destinations in the recent past; however one of the destinations that has always had the reputation of a perfect holiday destination has been the Maldives. Famous world over for the turquoise blue waters surrounding it and the white soft sands , this Indian Ocean island has been a feature of most travel magazines and websites along the years. Island resorts in Maldives have been a famous pick among tourist to stay and relax while in the island. A popular choice among tourist in this regard has been Maalifushi by COMO Maldives. The resort offers unmatched luxury in its over water villas in the South West of Maldives.

Apart from the beaches and the luxury villas, the ocean surrounding the Maldives is rich in Marine life. The abundance of various species of fish, aquatic plants and reefs has made Maldives one of the primary dive destinations in the world. The Maldives is believed to be spreading over an underwater mountain that rises above depths and this mountain range acts as a base for coral reefs surrounding each island. In the waters surrounding Maldives one can find coral reefs of around 70 species and corals of almost every color. There are around 700 species of fish that call these coral reefs home. The water currents play an important role in gathering of the larger fish in the region. Some of the interesting species of fish found in the region include Trevally, Dogtooth Tuna, Tuna, Sweetlips, butterfly fish among many others. Maldives is also home to many species of Sharks, Whales and Dolphins.

It is the duty of those who visit this island to make sure they leave it as they found it as these are some of the priceless treasures that we are blessed with.

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