Marine Life in Maldives – The Inhabitants of Maldives’ Waters


Located just south of Sri Lanka on the Indian Ocean is the beautiful archipelagic nation of Maldives. Considered to be one of the best coastal destinations in the world, Maldives’ pristine beaches, and turquoise waters offer a truly blissful tropical experience. The unparalleled scenic beauty and tranquil ambiance of the islands make it simply amazing for a relaxing vacation.
Being an archipelagic nation, the Maldives has many large areas of ocean which are inhabited by a great many species of marine life. The underwater eco-system of Maldives is known throughout the world as being one of the most thriving, and the marine life of the Maldives is in fact a feature that attracts a great deal of tourism to the island, which is why, naturally, hotels likes Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas and other luxury 5 star hotels in Maldives, promote exploration of the marine life. So if you are a lover of marine life then a visit to the Maldives will be absolutely amazing.
Maldives’ seas are covered with some of the world’s most beautiful and well preserved coral reefs which is a perfect habitat for marine life. Maldives is, therefore, home to a many species of aqua animals. The waters of Maldives are home to over 2,000 species of marine life; including fish of all types and shapes and colors, crabs and many more interesting species. The waters are also inhabited by eagle rays, sting rays, manta rays, reef sharks, hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, moray eels! Four of the six species of turtle; the Loggerhead, the Hawksbill, the Green, and the Olive Ridley, also inhabit the waters of the Maldives. There are so many ways to explore the marine life of Maldives. The most popular way is to go diving, which, unsurprisingly is very popular in Maldives. Other ways of exploring the marine life are by snorkeling, glass-bottom boat rides, and even submarine rides!

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