Marine Park Naifaru, Maldives – a gigantic step towards marine conservation in Maldives

The Marine Park in Naifaru is the key research centre in Maldives working towards conserving and protecting endangered species of turtles. Besides the turtles, the centre is also fully engaged in protecting and doing research towards the growth and cultivation of Maldivian coral reefs and facilitating the marine biodiversity. The significance of what is done by the centre is far reaching towards the future of tourism and fishing in Maldives which are its two main industries that generate income for the country as well as jobs for the locals. The present Marine Centre was established near the coastline of Naifaru Island in 2012 from the former location with some setbacks faced in the marine conservation efforts. However, with time the projects started taking off the ground with efforts in the marine conservation beginning to bear fruit. Also, there are many exciting new developments in the pipeline. There are many hotels and restaurants around Marine Park Naifaru including some luxury 5 star resorts in Maldives for convenient accommodation such as the Adaaran Prestige Water Villas.

For the nature lovers and those interested in marine conservation, the Marine Park is the ideal place to visit. Sightseeing options are a plenty either taking walks in the woods or going on an underwater expedition to see amazing corals, schools of attractive colourful fish, breathing and moving plants and the giants of the sea like sharks and whales besides the playful dolphins. The turtle lovers would be delighted and would be in for a surprising treat to see the gentle turtles in the exclusive Turtle Rehabilitation Area in the new Marine Park. Make a visit to the Marine Park in Naifaru to immerse in a journey with the marvellous marine life forms and be enthralled.

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