National Museum in Maldives – A tribute to Maldivian culture and history.

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The sea is the Maldives’ top attraction but to learn something of the history and culture visit The National Museum. It is located inside Sultan Park, which is on the island of Male. The park can be entered through the two imposing iron gates that stand opposite the Islamic Centre on Medhuziyaaraiy Magu. Sultan Park served as a popular urban leisure park but is now almost deserted. Sultan Park and the National Museum are symbols of country’s history. It was in this very location that the Royal Palace once stood.
The museum that stands today is housed in a converted building that was once part of the Royal Palace. It was opened to the public by the Prime Minister at the time, Ameer Mohamed on the Maldivian National Day, 19th of November in 1952. It holds a collection that reflects the history and culture of the country. It is meant to invoke patriotism in the local people. Among the items on display are belongings of the Sultans, like thrones and parasols, along with jewellery and ceremonial costumes worn by previous kings and queens. You will be transported to a time before the Maldives’ Islamic Period with exhibits of olden day paper and cloth manuscripts, battle gear and photographs of influential figures. Statues and figurines that have been discovered on the islands are also among the exhibits.


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