Night Fishing in Maldives – Maldivian style evening entertainment!

One of the top beach holiday destinations in the world is The Maldives. Five star resorts, water sports, mouthwatering seafood and luxury spas are a few of the exciting things you can look forward to in this sunny part of the world. Pristine beaches, coral reefs, warm sea breezes and spectacular sunsets can also be found right at your doorstep. And how does this picture postcard vacation get any better, you ask? The answer is with a private plunge pool attached to a spacious villa at Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort.

The Maldives appeals to the sit by the pool with a cocktail type of traveller but it also has an adventurous side. Asia’s smallest country is made up of one thousand one hundred and ninety islands. It is also the lowest, with an average elevation that just tops one and a half metres above sea level. The Indian Ocean factors into every aspect of life in The Maldives and naturally fishing is the primary industry. Almost thirty per cent of the local population is employed in this industry. The seas that surround the islands are awash with marine life and fishing is even promoted to visitors as a recreational activity.

You can engage in some casual fishing by day, big game fishing that is dependent on specific sites or head out on a night fishing excursion. You would be advised to hire a guide, fishing equipment and a traditional boat known as a Dhoni; most hotels are able to make these arrangements for their guests. You will be taken to the best fishing spots. By night, you stand a good chance of catching barracudas, snappers, emperors and squirrelfish. The seascapes at night by moonlight are also tranquil and relaxing. Thereafter, you can arrange a barbeque to have your own catch prepared with local spices and flavours. Be warned that the hunting of whales and dolphins, also the use of harpoon guns are against the law.

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