Nightly Entertainment in Maldives – Tropical Nights of Many Lures

Choose to enjoy a blissful evening on the beach, a nightly cocktail under the stars or simply look forward to long walks along the surf as the moon lights the way. These are just some of the pleasures one looks forward to in the Maldives. If you choose a luxury Maldives resort the entertainment does take on a whole new dimension. Book your holiday at a place like Maafushivaru Maldives and you will be utterly spoilt. Resplendent with premium villas this fabulous resort is not shy of exciting nightly entertainment.

Maafushivaru Maldives is located on beautiful South Ari Atoll and is made up of 48 individually placed villas. Each villa boasts an exclusive view of either the ocean or house reef. Look forward relaxing in absolute luxury within these comfy abodes categorised as beach villas, water villas and pool villas.

And just what does one do for entertainment once the sun goes down on paradise? For starters there are the fabulous beachside and underwater restaurants where gourmet meals and contemporary cocktails are served. Head over to the nearest disco for some dancing or take part in a fascinating crab race either at your resort or the nearest crab racing spot.

Night fishing, night dives and a local Bodu Beru – big drum concert are recommended for a dose of culture.

Once you have had your fill of entertainment you can head back to the comforts at Maafushivaru Maldives. The beach and water villas located over the water or sandy beach offer accommodation for up to 3 adults while the pool villas boast 2 bedrooms and capacity to house up to 6 adults. Inspired by traditional architectural styles the thatched roof villas are equipped with the finest and most comfortable amenities for a blissful stay. The island of Maafushivaru itself is a tranquil environ complete with sun bleached white sand beach, lush vegetation and a gorgeous house reef promising loads of adventures for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts.

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