Private Island Vacation in Maldives – Experience the Best of Maldives in the Best Way Possible!

The cluster of islands nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean is considered to be a modern ecological marvel as the Maldivian islands were formally coral reefs that existed in clusters around prehistoric volcanoes. As the volcanoes sank into the ocean, through this destructive natural phenomenon, emerged a beautiful reminder of its existence in the form of small pristine islands and powdery beaches which are surrounded by azure blue waters. While the Republic of Maldives is composed of over one thousand such islands, only around one hundred host holiday resorts such as Maafushivaru Maldives, while only a handful of others are occupied.

For travellers seeking a break from their hectic schedules, a private island vacation in aMaldives resort is a dream come true for it affords them with the opportunity to relax and unwind away from civilisation and in the midst of sheer natural beauty.

Residing on a private island gives travellers the opportunity to be extremely close to the ocean at any given time. This comes with the added advantage of private beaches that host powdery soft sand and beautifully clear blue waters. Holidaymakers can also embark on a cruise to watch the sunrise or the sunset or to make their way to a deserted uninhabited island for a lunch or a candle lit dinner under the stars.

Another benefit of residing on a private island is the opportunity to experience a myriad of water sports from snorkelling and diving to kayaking and parasailing. Often, holiday resorts offer their guests the opportunity to experience a vast array of water sports and there is something to suit every taste. The more adventurous guests can opt for an underwater submarine ride to experience the marine world while others can choose to snorkel alongside sharks and manta rays.

Therefore, a private island vacation in Maldives affords guests with an abundance of choice in terms of the sort of holiday experience they wish to experience.


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