Snorkelling in Maldives – A Thrilling Adventure

The magic of the Maldives has to be seen to be believed! Natural beauty, luxury resorts and adventurous activities all combine to make a Maldivian stay a dream come true. Water sports in Maldives can be a thrilling experience and practically everyone visiting the islands partake in some form of water sports. In Maldivian Huvafen fushi means dream and PER AQUUM Huvafen fushi really lives up to its name by offering luxurious and unique water based accommodation, an underwater spa superb wining and dining and adventure galore.

The Maldives is perhaps one of the best places in the world to snorkel. The many kilometres of reefs in the Maldives provide ample sites for snorkelling and diving. Seas in the Maldives have superb visibility and incredibly clear waters with a 20˚C -30˚C all year temperature which in the lagoons can be 32˚C at times.

There are three types of Island Resorts. Some islands have a close by House-Reef right round the island while others will be surrounded by huge lagoons. Still others will have a close by House-Reef and a huge lagoon. All three types will provide good snorkelling. Biyadhoo has 7 different entry passages and a cave full of ghost pipefish, nudi branches and other rare species. The house reef at Filitheyo has one of the most precipitous drop offs in the Maldives. In certain spots on the north side of the island the descent is more than 30 meters. Yet, all these spots are superb for snorkelling as are many other spots in the Maldives.

The Maldives is ideal for beginners to be initiated into the delights of snorkelling while for the experienced snorkelling in the Maldives will bring never-to-be forgotten memories. The Resorts have qualified instructors and snorkelling equipment can be hired if necessary.

There about 70 different species of coral reefs which make up the magical undersea world of the Maldives. It is inhabited by over 700 species of fish and other forms of marine life. The gathering of big fish in these reefs are governed by currents and Trevally’s Jacks, Sweetlips are among these species. Snorkelers have the privilege of sighting rare species like the giant Napolean Wrasse.

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