Sunset Cruising in Maldives – Experience the sky exploding with colour.

The small nation of islands appeals to anyone who has ever dreamt of a tropical getaway that includes a secluded beach and a luxury resort. Maldives has nearly one thousand two hundred low lying islands that sit in clear blue waters. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the ocean, from diving and snorkelling to jet skiing, kayaking, sailing, surfing, canoeing, parasailing and more.
Evening entertainment in the Maldives can take the form of an elegant sunset cruise. Alternatively, you can enjoy live music and movie nights on the beach at Kuramathi island Resort Maldives. The most natural choice, given that the ocean surrounds you, is to take to the water. The Maldives that lives and breathes the ocean every day is made up of twenty six coral atolls. The best way to experience their beauty is to book a cruise with one of the many cruise operators that take visitors sightseeing around the country.
The most magical experience is to go sailing with the setting sun. The dramatic natural phenomenon transforms the sky into a blaze of vibrant colours, which is mirrored spectacularly in the water. The fiery hues brighten and then fade as the sun sinks lower into the horizon. Guests have the opportunity to capture all the impressive stages of the sunset from the deck of the sailboat. Choose a traditional Maldivian Dhoni for a localised experience. It is also a cooler time of day that is bound to be more enjoyable. Luxury cruises offer additional on board activities and entertainment. Large cruise boats even have private rooms; if you prefer to watch the sunset from the privacy of your own balcony. Sunset cruising with dinner served on board is a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion, while savouring some fresh seafood prepared with local flair.

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