Surfing in Maldives – Great for intermediate to advanced surfers.

There is no better destination for your next sun, sea and sand vacation than the Maldives. Blue skies and turquoise seas are complemented by the best Maldives resorts offering luxurious, private over water pavilions. The tropical surroundings and warm sea breezes will instantly put you in that laid back vacation mood. If it is water sports that brings you to the islands, take a twenty five minute speedboat ride from Male to Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives, which is abuzz with activity.
Take to the waves for a life changing experience. There are nearly one thousand two hundred islands in this little country so, as a surfer, your choices are endless. The Maldives sees the best weather during the months of March and November but from April through to October you are sure to catch plenty of great waves.
It is easy to find the best surf spots because most are located in close proximity to each other, you will need to go by boat to get to them. Based on the type of waves and their consistency, the surf areas can be divided into three groups: the Male Atolls, the Central Atolls and the South Atolls. Head to the outer reefs on the southeast sides of these atolls to find the sweet spot. Male is often busy with tourists during the months between May and August; the best waves can be found here between April and October when south swells are plentiful. Chickens, Cokes and Guru’s are a few spots you can look out for in the Male Atolls. The Central Atolls are home to a number of world class breaks. This area throws up the best waves from June till September and because the good spots: Veyvah, Adonis and Finnimas are harder to find, you can expect to find yourself surfing alone. February to April and September to November is when you should be visiting: Antiques, Beacons and Castaways of the South Atolls.


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