Things to do in Maldives – An Unending List!

Life in the Maldives seems to begin and end amidst the unending ocean. The crystal clear waters entwine itself around hundreds of islands in an unbreakable bond. It is undoubtedly the best place to enjoy an island getaway. However, a getaway of this kind cannot only consist of quiet and solitary moments, the rush of the waves and the bountiful ocean life must be enjoyed. Most activities in the Maldives are ocean-centred. Nevertheless, there is much to be discovered in the island villages too. Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort is a suitable Maldives five star resort from which to explore the ocean and island hamlets. The entrancing atmosphere of the Maldives is sure to fill your memories and your albums.
Blue, red, yellow and multi-hued corals gleam from beneath the clear waters. Snorkelling and scuba diving are the best way to be part of this theatrical experience. As you draw closer to these beautiful creations, you will also be blinded by the colourful array of fish that have made the corals their sanctuary. It is the perfect oceanic movie!
The impeccable surroundings of the Maldives come alive only when comfortably sailing across the ocean. You can choose to sail, or if you prefer adrenaline coursing through your veins you can also try parasailing. Wind surfing is also extremely appealing to those who love the sweet sensation of trepidation mixed with excitement.
Life in the Maldives is also divine when you plan a fishing trip. As the sun shines, zoom ahead in a speed boat and then lay patiently in wait to get your hands on tuna and sail fish. If you plan to embark on a fishing trip at night you will be delighted to find a larger array of fish such as squirrelfish, barracuda and snapper.
Maldives is every bit the paradise you envisioned. Uninhabited islands, awe-inspiring oceanic life, succulent sea food and dainty fish markets combine to cast the Maldives-spell!

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