A Visit to Maldives National Museum – An Engrossing Historical Showcase

No sightseeing tour of the Maldivian capital Male would be complete without visiting the renowned National Museum. Within this well-known establishment you will find a remarkable collection of historical and cultural treasures that reflect the Maldives’ rich cultural legacy. As you experience the many attractions of this museum and other sightseeing highlights a discerning choice of accommodation would be one of the Maldives luxury resorts such as the well-reputed PER AQUUM Huvafen Fushi. This fine accommodation offers an ideal base from which to head out on an excursion to Male.

The main objective of the Maldives National Museum is to preserve the islands’ valuable historical legacy whilst at the same time creating patriotic mindsets among the local residents of the Maldives. This museum contains an extensive selection of artefacts dating from many periods in the history of the islands, from the era in which Buddhism was prevalent to the heyday of the Islamic rulers.

On the lower level of the museum you will find galleries dedicated to the medieval and ancient periods of the Maldives, with many intriguing exhibits such as religious artefacts, weaponry and household items. Visitors will also encounter numerous pieces of engraved wood that testify to the conversion of the islanders to Islam in the 12th century. Many fascinating artefacts may be seen that reflect the skill and artistry of Maldivian artisans.

On the other hand on the upper level you will find many exhibits that date to more modern times, with a splendid collection of lacquer boxes which are considered to be one of the Maldives’ specialties. Visitors will also encounter exhibits such as the nation’s first gramophone, an early telephone and a huge old computer.

You will also find many displays that relate to the marine environment which is very important to the Maldives. Highlights here include the intriguing skeleton of a specimen of the very elusive Longman’s beaked whale which in fact has not been spotted alive within the ocean.

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