All about Fly Boarding – Gravity defying fun!

Dive in and jump out of the blue waters with the grace of a flying fish with the latest watersports craze! Flyboarding gives you the means flying above the waters as well as swim as swift as a dolphin. Read all about it below;

Image byTimOve from Norway, Flyboarding in Marbella, Spain (29460036292), CC BY 2.0

Wondering what flyboarding is?

This is a device that defies all theories of gravity with the help of water! A fly board is a board to which your feet are strapped into. Under each foot is a jetpack into which water is pumped at high pressure. The force of the high-water pressure can propel you deep into the ocean or high above the seas.

Best places to try-out

If you are on vacation at one of the best Maldives resorts, the likes of Adaaran Select Meedhupparu Maldives look for places close by that allow renting and training too. Australia, the US, Spain and Mexico are popular locations for flyboarding as well.

Learn the sport in minutes!

So, it seems that those who are already fluent in water sports like jet skiing, surfing and so on can master the fly board in a matter of 3 – 7 minutes! However, it is better to do your research on the sport before delving right into this unknown experience.

Tips to remember

Once you sign up for training sessions, make sure to pay close attention to what the instructor is saying, especially if you are new to water sports altogether. Also, it is better not to drink before attending the training session.

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