People of Maldives – Male spirit

Just like the attractions that the Maldives has to offer, Maldivian people are equally worth exploring. Confined to living in highly concentrated areas, here is a small crowd that will surprise you with their mutual bond. The bond is signified by their respect to each other, especially their elders. Interestingly this respect comes along with a tolerant attitude towards each other. The number of the Maldivian people currently stands at the amazingly small number of 200,000 inhabitants.

Approach any local, and you will be treated with respect, albeit with a measure of shyness as they would be equally happy observing you from a distance. Some of them may even bow their head a bit and smile at you. Return their smile and make them happy and partake in the Maldivian spirit of sharing happy emotions. If you happen to befriend a local, they may even treat you to cold king coconut juice; a popular and extremely revitalising local beverage. Even if you remain at resorts such as Anantara Veli Maldives Resort for the duration of your stay without venturing out to meet the locals, it is definitely worth giving this drink a try. Known for being very hydrating, it will help keep you cool even in the hot tropical sun. If you happen to be staying in a water bungalow in Maldives, you are likely to see many a Maldivian engaged in water sports. A lot of them are talented swimmers and divers.

The earliest occupants of the Maldives are said to be Naga and Yakka tribes who migrated from Sri Lanka to settle in the Maldives. Besides Naga and Yakka tribes, Dravidians from South India are also said to have immigrated to the Maldives. Traders from African, Malay, Arab and Indonesian regions had to pass the island and thus the Maldives was also an important meeting point in South Asia.

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