The National Museum in the Maldives – Tracing the history of Maldives!

The National Museum in the Maldives was opened in 1952 and of course, it is one of the most beautiful buildings in the whole of Maldives. The building has been a gift from the Republic of China and is located in the capital city of Maldives.

The specialty

Just like in all other museums, the artifacts are what make it special. Although we know of Maldives as a popular tourist destination, little do we know about the history of these set of islands. A visit to the National Museum can reveal to you a lot about the Maldivian history, and guess what? It’s totally worth it!

The location

It is in Male – the capital city of the Maldives and located in the Sultan’s Park which is also a popular attraction among tourists. Sultan Park is close to most of the Maldives luxury hotels especially to properties the likes of Adaaran Club Rannalhi and of course easily accessible even by public transportation modes.

Right after you enter the museum

The ground floor is all about the ancient history of the country with displays of weapons and household items. You can also find the pieces of wood commemorating the conversion of the Maldives to Islam in 1153.

On the 01st floor

Even today the Maldives is famous for the lacquer-work boxes it makes and on the 01st floor, some prized examples of those are available to display. Do not forget to admire the country’s first sets of gramophones, telephones, and computers that are there for you to enjoy.

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