Tips for Economical Travel to Maldives – Planning Done Right

The Maldives has much to offer those who wish to splurge and indulge in the finest comforts. But even on a luxury holiday, one can be “careful” and enjoy economical travel to Maldives along with the very best the country has to offer.

Water Villas

Water Villas | Image Credit : georama, Kuramathi, Maldives – panoramio – georama (4), CC BY 3.0

Choosing A Place to Stay

When it comes to your home away from home you have two options; stay at a hotel on a public or “local island” which cost relatively less or choose an island resort the likes of Kuramathi Maldives which exclusively occupy their own island. These may cost more but offer supreme seclusion and comforts.

Check Resort Packages

As you search for a resort Maldives has to offer, do make sure to browse through the various packages available. From honeymooners to families and early reservations to direct site bookings, each deal features something different and will help you save too.

Consider Room Types

Room prices also vary according to the type and location; generally, beachside accommodation will cost relatively less than overwater villas. That being said, staying at an overwater villa in Maldives is definitely worth experiencing!

Check Airport Transfers

Do keep in mind the prices of airport transfers to your island resort, be it by sea or air, can amount to quite a lot. Certain resorts will provide such transfers for a reasonable price, though do check ahead and see what options are available.

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