Unique Deep-Sea Fishing in the Maldives – An unforgettable fishing experience

The Maldives is renowned globally as an amazing holiday destination. As expected there is something for everyone here in the Maldives and one of them is deep sea fishing.

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Fishing and the Maldives

Fishing in the Maldives is one of the main livelihoods. Indeed, the fishing industry in the Maldives is thriving. It amounts to a good amount of the GDP in the Maldives. All-inclusive resorts, the likes of Maldives Resort Clubs may offer opportunities for deep sea excursions too.

Finding the right spot

To find the perfect fishing spot in the waters of Maldives, it is advisable to make arrangements with an experienced charter for the best experience rather than going through a resort. The best fishing spot would depend on where you are lodged.

Types of fish

There is a variety of fish that you may come across while fishing in the deep here. On a lucky day, there will be schools of yellow finned tuna and dorado or mahi-mahi dolphins. The dorado fish is found in the warmer waters weighing up to 13kg. Sailfish are common here too.


Be mindful of the weather before going out to sea. One can never be too safe, so make sure to pack up a map, torch, cell phone and extra water. Most of all enjoy your fishing trip to the maximum!




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