Island-hopping in the Maldives – Why Limit Yourself to One Island When There Are 192!

Among the many unique things to do in Maldives, island hopping is one of the key activities which will make you feel like you have spent a day in one country and the following day in another! Here is a list of things you could try out on some of the nation’s 192 inhabited islands.

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Dining with Different Views

You will find that Maldives luxury resorts are actually located on their own private islands. Look to base yourself at one of these resorts for your island hopping excursions. These resorts also provide a range of dining options amidst diverse backdrops be it by the beach or above the water.

Adventures of Different Depths

As you enjoy some island hopping fun do look to try some of the water sports on offer ranging from jet skiing to diving. Of course, if you are based at resorts the likes of Amaya Kuda Rah Maldives you can rest assured that the water sports are expertly monitored and safe too.

Diverse Practices & Backdrops

From one island to the other, the cultural practices can vary be it the welcoming embrace or the gesture of goodbye. As part of your excursion, you can also engage in sunset cruises with your loved ones and experience the different settings each island has to offer.


You can engage in some sightseeing on each island from visiting markets and mosques in Male to witnessing islanders engaged in traditional livelihoods. There are also sights to see in the waters surrounding the islands, namely dolphins and whales which provide some definite “wow” moments!

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