Scuba Diving in Maldives – The Deeper Discoveries Underwater

Some of the world’s best marine experiences coupled with some of the best hotels in Maldives should surely guarantee a dream vacation for many. The individual chalet-type homes that spread out into the ocean providing every guest privacy and seclusion, the ocean waves that ripple beneath the tiny houses which lull the residents to a blissful slumber and the pure white granular sand that squirms under each person’s feet are the highlights of one’s stay in a luxurious hotel such as the Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa Maldives.
The waters are so clear and shallow in certain places that snorkeling is definitely on the cards, however, if you are more of a deep sea creature with a penchant desire to see beyond and beneath what is typically visible to man’s naked eye, scuba diving with fins and an oxygen tank strapped on is definitely the task for you. The seas in and around this area are blessed with corals; invertebrates of various colours and shapes dominate the world underwater in small colonies. Though many believe that corals are plants, they are actually animals that have taken root on the ocean floor. As you swim past they would twirl and swing for the current, but remain firmly attached to the sea’s floor.
The manta rays, eels, barracudas, tuna, green turtles, banner fish, and batfish swim around in schools, but that’s not all, there are even sharks. White tipped sharks, grey sharks, and reef sharks, all of whom could be dangerous. One way to know whether you are in imminent danger from a shark is the level of visibility under water. The general visibility is about 20m but if whale sharks are nearby the visibility levels tend to be much lower.
The temperature of the water is favourable for long stays, but if you don’t want to venture too deep into the water the strong tropical sun rays will definitely beat their way in through the layer of water onto your back. Parrotfish, snappers, and moray eels can be seen in these shallow waters with other tiny fish.

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