Seafood Dishes in Maldives -Mouthwatering Delicacies from the Ocean

Maldives is regarded as a tropical paradise island in the Southern Hemisphere. Praised the world over for its beaches and the turquoise waters around it, it’s no surprise the island could be a feast destination for any seafood lover. Maldives is a popular honey moon destination and often you can find options for romantic dining in Maldives. The local cuisine is mainly based around seafood. Since there is minimum land available for cultivation. The Maldivian Cuisine mainly comprises three ingredients – Seafood, coconut, and rice. If you wish to enjoy authentic Maldivian food then most of the resorts in the island like Naladhu Maldives, offer this.

The traditional Maldivian cuisine went through some transformation to evolve from coconut , breadfruit , millet and tubers mainly due to the trade practices. The foreign influence adds variety and gives it a unique blend. Giving it a unique sense of taste. A heavy influence from Sri Lanka , India, and Arabic influence can be seen and felt in most dishes.

Tuna is considered to be a staple diet. As mentioned before many local eateries serve local food , the cafes are locally known as hotau. They serve other fish such as skip jack tuna, little tunney, yellow fin tuna, frigate tuna, bigeye scad, wahoo, and mahi-mahi.

Some of the famous dishes in Maldives include Garudhiya which is a fish broth served with lime , chilli and onions and rice. Mas huni which is a shredded smoked fish with onions and grated coconut. Considered to be the most famous breakfast food in Maldives. Fihunu mas is another barbecued fish item basted with chili. Hedhikaa is the local name for snacks and these too constitute of fish and other seafood. Some popular options are, gulha,keemia,kulhi boakiba, bajiyaamong many others.

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