Snorkeling Trip to Maldives – exploring an underwater world

With the abundance of marine life and vast formations of corals in varying hues, it’s no wonder the Maldivian islands has become one of the most sought after destinations for not only passionate diving enthusiasts but also for those interested in snorkelling. Around 70 species of colourful coral make up the various reefs surrounding the atolls, with over 700 different species of fish, both large and small, and other marine life found swimming near the reefs.

If you want to really experience an up close and personal underwater adventure then look no further than the Maldives. Resort and dive operators around the islands offer various snorkelling and diving excursion packages that include lessons and tours around the crystal clear waters of the lagoons and reefs. Some luxury resorts like Kurumba Maldives for example, even have night snorkelling tours that offer you a different perspective of the reef and let you catch a glimpse of mysterious nocturnal sea creatures.

The best part about snorkelling is that you don’t need too much experience to do it; it’s one of the simplest ways to explore the reefs without much gear or training. What makes this area special for snorkelers is the presence of rare marine species like the beautifully patterned, giant Napoleon Wrasse.

Snorkelling in the blue waters off the shorelines will also give you fantastic views of sharks, turtles, eels and even octopus. Several species of manta rays, sting rays and eagle rays are abundant in these waters and the elegant looking creatures are known to glide through the waters in large numbers near divers and snorkelers without any fear. During mid-summer to autumn, you might even spot the gentle whale sharks; these elusive sharks are a rare and very impressive sight to behold.

Wherever you choose to snorkel, whether among the clear waters of a lagoon or further out among the colourful coral reefs, the abundance of marine life and the natural beauty of this underwater landscape will have you coming back to the Maldivian islands for more.

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