Discover Breathtaking Overwater Villas in Paradise Archipelago Maldives – An Unforgettable Resort Experience

As one of the most popular accommodation options available to visitors touring the Maldives overwater villas are not only the trendiest and most unique vacation rentals in the country but also a must-experience luxury for all first timers. Most travellers however don’t know the difference between traditional Maldivian resort guestrooms and an overwater villa and figuring out what makes an overwater rest the more desirable option is key to appreciating all the perks and added benefits the bungalows offer.

Located above the ocean water overwater villas as those in the PER AQUUM Huvafen Fushi Maldives are literally a stone’s throw away from the shore. Attached to other villas by wooden overpasses or walkways a resort will typically have several overwater villas or bungalows spread out across its lagoon. Resembling a log cabin or a cabana the interiors of the overwater bungalows Maldives counts among its top rests are anything but simple. Some even include their own private Jacuzzis and pools while nearly all villas house all the creature comforts guests would expect from a five star hotel bedroom with living areas and an outdoor deck also thrown in to create your own personal home above the ocean. Privacy is another key feature of overwater villas as honeymooners and couples holidaying in the Maldives prefer the seclusion and tranquility of holidaying in their own space instead of a conventional resort setting where one comes across other guests at every turn.

Visitors need not worry about the tide coming or the safety of these villas hoisted above the water on stilts as they are completely sturdy and safe. The most exciting features of an overwater villa are the special touches which connects the villa’s oceanic outdoors with the interiors. Some villas feature glass floors or open showers and in spite of their modest appearance overwater bungalows are fully equipped with every modern amenity imaginable. So the next time you’re travelling to a beach paradise like the Maldives consider staying in an overwater villa and truly experiencing the beauty of the tropical beach hub in all its splendour.

Auburn Silver is a travel writer who has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.

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